non omnis moriar.

i hold on hope.

Azzy Estel

deutsch am herzen

* azzy.
* 21.
* singapore.
* the walking dead, running man, harry potter, how i met your mother, the big bang theory, lord of the rings, germany nt, psych, stargate atlantis, supernatural, merlin, hawaii five-0, scrubs, torchwood, iron man, thor, x-men: first class, 1 night 2 days (1박2일), mythbusters, flashforward, inception, ugly betty, the avengers.
* mumford & sons, florence + the machine, of monsters and men, onerepublic, all-american rejects, lady antebellum, braid paisley, tim mcgraw, foster the people, fall out boy, blink 182, the script, adele, jason mraz, 2pm, beast, beyonce, juanes, KANYE MOTHERFUCKEN WEST, kings of leon, linkin park, lissie, lady gaga, rascal flatts, the academy is...., cobra starship, one direction, sung si kyung.

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"friendship - over!", "jog on boyiee!", "there's-a-vacancy-in-history.", arferrrr pendragoooon, basti-schweini-basti-schweini, bobbert in brooklyn, buying-books-but-not-reading-them, cbkia, chanbear!, clandestiiiiine hoodies plzkthx, detective/lawyer teehee, fake psychic/head detective, fred weasley is alive, hawaiian manpain 5-0, i love angry ted, is-this-real-life-or-is-this-just-fantasyyyyyyy, john fucking green, john+rodney 4evaaaa, les garçons d'histoire, looking-for-alaska-&love;, loving literature omfggg, lulululukas podolski, marcell jansen♥, merlin loves arthur teehee, misaki & usagi-san!, mmm yaoi, moaning for moleskines, mullered lololol, my wifay, nabeytengteng, national deutschmannschaft, needing an alias plzkthx, onerepublic ftw, patrick martin stump(h)!, peanut butter cups ftw!, percy/oliver 4ever y/y, peyton ily bb, poly forum 09 represent!, potterheadz furreal, seunggi being moronic, sugeun = lolertastic countryman~, trying to understand shakespeare, two pee ehm, viennaaaaaa, vlogbrothers!(inyourpants), working in a bookstore!, you're the voice shenanigans