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non omnis moriar.

i hold on hope.


suddenly there's violins and movie scenes
and cryin' rivers in the street
and god, i don't know why, i get so serious sometimes


* vienna.
* 29.
* singapore.
* stargate atlantis, supernatural, the mandalorian, lord of the rings, taskmaster (uk), star wars, ugly betty, broadchurch, brooklyn nine-nine, diemannschaft, doctor who, community, marvel cinematic universe, kingdom, prison playbook, hospital playlist, derry girls, gogglebox (aus & uk), black mirror.

"friendship - over!", "jog on boyiee!", "there's-a-vacancy-in-history.", arferrrr pendragoooon, basti-schweini-basti-schweini, bobbert in brooklyn, buying-books-but-not-reading-them, cbkia, chanbear!, clandestiiiiine hoodies plzkthx, detective/lawyer teehee, fake psychic/head detective, fred weasley is alive, hawaiian manpain 5-0, i love angry ted, is-this-real-life-or-is-this-just-fantasyyyyyyy, john fucking green, john+rodney 4evaaaa, les garçons d'histoire, looking-for-alaska-&love;, loving literature omfggg, lulululukas podolski, marcell jansen♥, merlin loves arthur teehee, misaki & usagi-san!, mmm yaoi, moaning for moleskines, mullered lololol, my wifay, nabeytengteng, national deutschmannschaft, needing an alias plzkthx, onerepublic ftw, patrick martin stump(h)!, peanut butter cups ftw!, percy/oliver 4ever y/y, peyton ily bb, poly forum 09 represent!, potterheadz furreal, seunggi being moronic, sugeun = lolertastic countryman~, trying to understand shakespeare, two pee ehm, viennaaaaaa, vlogbrothers!(inyourpants), working in a bookstore!, you're the voice shenanigans